Digital Teaching and Learning is the innovative use of digital tools and technology to enhance teaching and learning. The Center for Education Services (CES) focuses support on the relationship and interconnectedness between technology, content, and pedagogy. Through our approach, educators learn how to effectively integrate technology into the classroom to support and enrich the student learning experience.

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Our mission is to leverage the knowledge and skills educators have to support the continued integration of technology in the classroom to create a more personalized learning approach. Through professional learning and coaching, educators work with RTI’s ISTE Certified educators to learn how to best utilize digital tools and technologies to support the content and pedagogy and better understand how to use educational technology for learning in meaningful and transformative ways.

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Project Examples

RTI partners with innovative schools, districts, states, and organizations to address education challenges. Here we highlight two of those partnerships.

Hartford County Public Schools Digital Teaching and Learning

The Center for Education Services provided technical assistance to Harford County Public Schools to support design and implementation of districtwide digital teaching and learning. RTI’s support included facilitation of a structured strategic planning process resulting in a districtwide digital teaching and learning plan; guidance to adopt tools and a common framework to guide the districtwide approach to digital teaching and learning; and support to build capacity of instructional staff and leadership to utilize technology to support effective digital teaching and learning practices.

Learning by doing-- I enjoy workshops where I participate as a student or teacher in PD is expected to, so rather than discussing best practices, we experience them in the session. 

Texas Tech University: Virtual Course Development

Supports Texas Tech University’s College of Education (TTU) in developing and launching an online training course focused on blended and personalized learning. This course, eventually envisioned as a credential-bearing effort from TTU, will reinforce both the content and the competencies necessary for success in the K-12 classroom context. The course will be structured for modular delivery through a learner management system (LMS) and emphasize the role of data and continuous improvement techniques as a component of high-quality instruction. RTI will augment the capacity of the TTU team to prepare, test, and refine the course over the 2020-2021 timeframe.

Digital Teaching & Learning Experts

Our Education Services team is led by former teachers, principals, administrators, policy experts, and strategists who have the practical experience to translate ideas into action.


Willow Alston-Socha

Center for Education Services

Willow Alston-Socha is an Education Consultant with 19 years of experience as a classroom teacher, instructional coach, and district curriculum coordinator...

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Expert in Digital Teaching and Learning

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Expert in Instructional Design and Learning Science

Nicole Mills

Nicole Mills

Education Consultant

Center for Education Services

Nicole Mills is an education consultant with RTI International whose expertise includes early literacy, project-based learning, and instructional coaching...

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Digital Teaching and Learning

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Expert in Elementary Literacy