RTI believes effective professional learning builds educators’ capacity to meet the needs of all students and has immediate and relevant implications for the educator’s context, whether classroom, school, district, boardroom, or community.

Design and facilitation of professional learning must be intentional. Design is guided by co-developed measurable outcomes and follow the most appropriate approach for implementation. Furthermore, professional learning should reflect adult learning principles and school and district context and needs.

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When professional learning happens and teacher confidence improves, the impact that can be made on student learning and collective efficacy increases. Our unyielding goal is to facilitate professional learning that builds educator professional capacity, establishes relational trust, and creates sustainable change. To that end, we approach every professional learning engagement from a stance of inquiry, engaging participants in accountable talk and modeling specific techniques that are easily replicated across multiple settings. We scaffold professional learning to transition our techniques to local practitioners who are in the optimal position to sustain the local high expectations for teaching, learning, and leading.

Project Examples

RTI partners with innovative schools, districts, states, and organizations to address education challenges. Here we highlight two of those partnerships.

East Cary Middle School

RTI is supporting East Cary Middle School in its effort to strengthen its Global Studies program through professional learning and coaching. The project is building the professional capacity of school instructional and leadership staff to expand and deepen global studies integration across the school, support school staff directly to embed the Asia Society’s Four Domains of Global Competence and the United Nations’ (UN) Sustainable Development Goals into their instructional practice and support the school’s preparation for seeking state designation status as a Global School.

Texas Tech University

Texas Tech University’s College of Education (TTU) is developing and launching an online training course focused on blended and personalized learning. This course, envisioned as a credential-bearing effort from TTU, will reinforce both the content and the competencies necessary for success in the K-12 classroom context. The course will be structured for modular delivery through a learning management system and emphasize the role of data and continuous improvement techniques as a component of high-quality instruction. RTI will augment the capacity of the TTU team to prepare, test, and refine the course.

Professional Learning Experts

Our Education Services team is led by former teachers, principals, administrators, policy experts, and strategists who have the practical experience to translate ideas into action.

De McKenzie

De McKenzie

Education Consultant

Center for Education Services

Demond “De” McKenzie brings over 20 years of experience in education and leadership development to his work as a Leadership Coach and Education Consultant at...


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Expert in Leadership Development


Ashley Allen

Education Consultant

Center for Education Services

Ashley Allen is currently an education consultant at RTI International who brings over 17 years of experience in K-12 education. Ms. Allen started her career as...

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Expert in Professional Learning

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Expert in Digital Teaching and Learning